Between May and October I am on Cape Cod.  I have been there since moving from Savannah, Georgia many years ago. 

I have played with quite a few popular New England bands, including Hazy Hot and Humid, a three piece semi-accoustic trio that featured music by the Eagles, Crosby Stills and Nash, James Taylor, America, etc.  Nowadays, I am content to work as a freelance bass player and vocalist, offering my talents to any band or musician who may be in need of a well-seasoned and experienced professional.

From November through April each year, I am in Fort Myers, Florida.  Here I freelance mostly and play with a half dozen or so duos, trios and bands.  Lots of R&B, Blues and Funk.  There are some great players down here and I am fortunate enough to work with a lot of them.  To see my schedule, click here.



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